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For your convenience, we have listed basic information about some commonly used plants in the South Florida zone. Please refer to our plant gallery if you would like to see photos of any of the plants listed below.

Ground Covers or Border Plants

Ground Covers: Carpet Bougainvillea, Baby Sun Rose and Gold Mound Duranta. These plants are all very drought tolerant. In addition to being drought tolerant, the Carpet Bougainvillea and the Baby Sun Rose are also cold tolerant.

Border Plants: Caladium, Thai Crown of Thorns, Flax Lily and Petra Croton. All of these plants are medium drought tolerant except for the Thai Crown of Thorns which is very drought tolerant (and also cold tolerant).

Drought Tolerant Shrubs (Medium)

Arboricola, Bahama Cassia, Carolina Jessamine, Copperleaf, Fire Croton, Grand Duke Gold Tip Ligustrum, Jasmine, Ixora, Dwarf Ilex, Japanese Boxwood, Star Jasmine and Wild Coffee. In addition to being medium drought tolerant, the Grand Duke Jasmine, Gold Tip Ligustrum, Dwarf Ilex and Carolina Jessamine are also cold tolerant.

Drought Tolerant Shrubs (High)

Giant False Agave, Silver Buttonwood, Cocoplum, Devil's Backbone, Firebush, Firecracker, Green Isle Ficus, Indian Hawthorne, Juniper, Lion's Tail, Pittosporum, Walter's Viburnum and Wild Lime. Inaddition to being very drought tolerant, the Devil's Backbone, Juniper, Lion's Tail and Pittosporum are also cold tolerant.

Shade Shrubs

Crape Jasmine, Xanadu and Ti plants(which includes the Cordyline and Red Sister).


Powder Puff, Black Olive and Red Cedar. The Black Olive and the Red Cedar are both drought tolerant but only the Red Cedar is cold tolerant.


If you are looking to plant a nice hedge, Cocoplums, Silver Buttonwoods and Grand Duke Jasmine are great options. The Dwarf Ilex or Ilex Schilling would make a nice low formal hedge.

Butterfly Gardens

If you are interested in planting a butterfly garden or planting shrubs that will attract butterflies, the following plants would be great options: Fircracker, Red Powder Puff and Wild Coffee. The Bahama Cassia and Wild Lime are larval host plants. The Carpet Bougainvillea and the Firebush attract butterflies and Hummingbirds. The Carolina Jessamine attracts Humming Birds.

This is just some basic information to help get you started. We encourage you to contact us at (239)275-1885 or at info@constantlawncare.com if you have any questions.