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Design and Layout - For those who want to make improvements to the exterior of their home but just don't know where to begin; we offer complete design and layout options.  If you already have a design in mind, we can make additional suggestions to help bring your vision to life.  In addition, we take the time to educate our customers about the different types of plant materials available that would be suitable for our unique southwest Florida climate.

Design Implementation/Installation - We offer complete installation from start to finish.  We will remove any existing unwanted plant material, prepare the the beddings and install new plantings.  We can also transplant existing plant materials from one location on your property to another, in order to work with your new design.

Mulch Materials - We offer a variety of different mulching materials to work with your design.  Mulching is very important in order to help control weed growth but also provides another interesting design element to your landscaping.  Once your plant materials have been installed we will spread your mulch material throughout the beddings to enhance your property.  You can choose from Red mulch, Cypress mulch, Lava rock, Pine straw and more. It's your home so the choice is yours!